Our Partners - A Growing Alliance of Organizations

A network of organizations, with shared values working together to amplify their individual and collective impact.


There are a number of organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin (and nation) that are 501c3, not for profit. While they exist independently and have their own objectives, many share, as part of their mission, some component of energy/resource conservation, and or environmental/social responsibility.

The WAEE for example, The Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers has as a primary mission “Maintaining an emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility”. This is demonstrated through an annual energy efficiency expo and a program of monthly events / tours geared toward learning about different facets of Energy Management. Social Responsibility is also a consideration for WAEE having donated close to $100,000 in scholarship funding.

All these organizations work to succeed i.e. to have an impact. To do so they must continue to grow. More members, sponsors, donations etc. Each organization, for the most part, develop and execute their own plans to address growth. Now that everything has gone sideways... cooperation will become an even more important strategy.


In the diagram above the "Sponsors" block identifies some of the support available outside, other than member organizations

Integrated Project Teams – Sponsors and members work together to advance the goals and objectives of the cooperative

Technology Introductions – Sponsors are experts in the products, services, and technologies they provide. As members of the cooperative they have access to an established marketplace eager for information on the products and services that will further the goals and objectives of membership. i.e. impact.

Metrics – Sponsors will gather and compile the data associated with their product offerings / projects presenting membership with the metrics supporting individual and organizational objectives.

Educational Programs - Sponsors and members will work to develop and schedule educational programs designed to promote the sales of products and services available through the cooperative.

Environmental, Financial and Social Evangelism – Sponsors will demonstrate their own commitment to environmental and social responsibility and work to influence others within their enterprise to accept the obligation.

Products, Services, Discounting – Sponsors will commit to membership that provide the most contemporary products and services. Those products and services will be available to the members of the WSN at discounted pricing consistently lower than pricing outside “The Marketplace”

As a historical reference, over the last several years we have worked to help other organizations understand
how working together would be beneficial. This was an early attempt to make the concept
"Dr Suess Simple".


Some points I would like to make regarding this Partnership - A Growing Alliance of Organizations :

1 - There is strength in numbers… you know the old metaphor, one stick is easy to snap, several sticks in a bundle, not so simple.  Having our organizations work together will provide each with accrued knowledge, experience, energy and commitment.

2 - Another old cliche…. “All PR is good”. These old cliches don’t get to be old unless they are true.  Creating a virtual  organization and, a sustainability improvement campaign will broaden the exposure of each of the member organizations. This will provide new opportunities to promote sustainability as well as their own professional interests.

3 - In addition to the broader exposure there is something more. Our virtual organization, has a shared purpose, combating issues like climate change and promoting social responsibility,These are issues that concerns just about everyone (globally) and  are in the news 24 X 7. This alliance will certainly be news worthy and will likely generate the interest, attention, enthusiasm and support of those that truly care.  There is power in purpose but there is  greater power in shared purpose.